Thursday, December 14, 2006


The nominations are in for the 64th Annual Golden Globes to be awarded 15 January. Many consider them predictors of the Academy Awards®. Here's the direct link to an organized, quick notation on my Film Awards Page, which has a link to the Globes official site:

The movie awards are in full season. In addition to the Golden Globes, you can quickly track almost all the major U.S. and international awards for 2006-07 on my 2006-2007 Awards Schedule, a.k.a., Mimi's Film Awards Page. The main link is on the right sidebar.

I don't think, personally, that awards from any one organization determine voting by the Academy membership, but a pattern of many organizations recognizing a particular film, actor, etc., may. My motive for maintaining my Film Awards Page is selfish. That's how I make my predictions come Oscar® time. I did predict best picture CRASH, best song, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," and most of the others last year. So, take a look at my page, and track your favorites. You may be pleased you did!

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