Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Save the Geoglyphs - - Music Video by Jess Fig

Aztec Sickness

Filmmaker Robert Lundahl has added video by a Native American rapper, accompanied by Native American dancers as a companion piece to his documentary, "Who Are My People?"

The participants perform ancient ceremonies pleading for help from their ancestors, and God, to save the centuries-old drawings in the desert known as Geoglyphs. Quoting Robert Lundahl, "Jesus Figueroa, aka, Jess Fig Jesus Chuey Zapata Figueroa, and I made a music video to Fig's original composition, Aztec Sickness (Save the Geoglyphs). And these are some 'sick' beats, indeed." One need not be a Native American ancestor, or a god of any kind to help. Enjoy the Video: https://vimeo.com/73244860

Here's how you can help:
Also you can:

1. Share the URL of this blog post on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, etc.

2. Call your local PBS station and tell them they should show this topical, and informative documentary dealing with corporate interests destroying ancient and unique drawings, plus western desert flora and fauna.

3. If you would like to preview the documentary, contact Robert and ask for a Vimeo link:

Robert Lundahl & Associates



Robert recently wrote,"As a filmmaker, I don't go looking for stories, they find me. I am not an activist. I am a professional communications person with a 25 year Emmy® Award winning track record. So when the Bureau of Land Management told me they couldn't remember which tribes they consulted with, as required by law, it simply became the premise of the story, about how environmental goals and Native American culture came into conflict over renewable energy.

It is a story with public policy ramifications that every American needs to know. Help us save the geoglyphs, and help us tell the story on Public Television nationwide.

Thank you,
Robert Lundahl"

I, Mimi, wonder. PBS knows about this documentary. Why have they not picked it up? Could it be because some of the corporations building the wind farms are corporate underwriters, or heavy contributors to PBS? I wonder. Please circulate.

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