Friday, December 26, 2014

THE INTERVIEW From A Woman's Perspective

Last night I watched the infamous movie, "The Interview". You know, the one that allegedly sparked North Korea to hack Sony Pictures. Frankly, this movie is juvenile to the max. To any educated adults over 21,it will probably be totally disgusting. The character's vocabulary mainly consists of any word that starts with F. If a word doesn't, they put it there anyway. The movie was directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, their second directorial work, and their inexperience shows. All the characters are stereotypes and campy, especially Rogan and Franco's journalism characters. Rogan's is so charged with misguided testosterone, he is on the verge of suffering a penis explosion, Franco's is in love with a puppy. Randall Park portrays Kim Jong-un as an idiot psychopath. Ho hum, we've seen that before many times from movie dictators.. Of course, it is shamelessly targeting the 17 - 24 male audience, and will probably gross a gillion dollars. Hopefully, the real Kim Jong-un may be narcissistic enough to relish the fact that he has been portrayed in a Hollywood movie. All this said, there are a few funny moments, but nothing side-splitting. My recommendation? Spend your Christmas at the movies, but watch one of the 10, or so, quality ones.

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