Monday, February 20, 2006


The 56th Berlin Film Festival (9 - 19 February) has now concluded. The German Berlinale is the first of Europe's three major festivals in this new year. It is considered, after Cannes and alongside Venice, to be one of the world's most prestigious film showcases. This year's festival had a preponderance of films dealing with social and political themes, especially homosexuality, violence, terrorism, religious indoctrination, corporate abuses, and the current rise of fascism. All of these developments threaten the privacy and freedom of individuals around the world. Remind you of the Oscars®?

WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Read my "nutshell" coverage on my Film Festivals 2006 Page, and see who won the Golden Bear and other awards. Also there's a direct link to the Official Web site for the Berlinale and other major film festivals.

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