Thursday, February 02, 2006


The top box office films, all considered blockbusters, were snubbed this year by the members of AMPAS® when it came to the Best Film nominations. The big ones grossed (approximated for end of January) from top grosser: STAR WARS: EPISODE III (380 M); HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (287 M); THE CHRONICLE OF NARNIA (286 M); WAR OF THE WORLDS ($234 M); and KING KONG ($213).

By comparison, the total gross for all the nominated films combined was $184 M, less than the lowest in the list above. To be fair, you will note in the table below that MUNICH was not released until 23 December, and BROKEBACK 9 December. But, on the other hand, CHRONICLES was released 9 December, and Kong 16 December. Compare the grosses.

Crash - 53 M - 5/6/05
Brokeback Mountain - 51 M - 12/9/05
Munich - 40 M - 12/23/05
Good Night and Good Luck - 25 M - 10/7/05
Capote - 15 M - 9/30/05

And, just in case you are wondering, WALK THE LINE would not qualify as a blockbuster, either. It was released in mid-November, and its gross was only $106 M. Respectable but no cigar. More about this film later.

Box Office statistics from The Movie Times

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