Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The cowboy love story BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN leads the nominations for the Academy Awards® with eight nominations, chief among them is best picture. Along with the top category nomination, the movie is up for: best director, Ang Lee; best actor, Heath Ledger; best supporting actor and actress, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Williams; best screenplay adaptation (from Annie Proulx's short story), Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana; best cinematography, Rodrigo Prieto; and best original score, Gustavo Santaolalla.

BROKEBACK made history today as the first movie openly addressing homosexuality to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar®. If it wins, hopefully it will help open the door for tolerance about sexuality, something sorely needed in America and world-wide.

The other best picture nominees include the usual suspects CAPOTE, the Truman Capote story, and the Edward R. Murrow chronicle GOOD NIGHT, and GOOD LUCK, each receiving six nominations. Steven Spielberg's assassination thriller MUNICH, about hunting down the terrorists after the carnage at the 1972 Olympics was a "maybe" on many lists, but it made it. There are two main reasons for the MUNICH nomination, and I shall discuss them in my next post.

The other nominee is the race-relations ensemble drama CRASH that has been mostly over-looked by some awards organizations and the general public. It edged out one of the favorites WALK THE LINE, the latter receiving only the best actor and actress nods. I shall also discuss the reasons for this in a subsequent post.

There are twenty-four categories for nominations. During the weeks preceding the Oscars, I shall discuss as many major categories as possible, and attempt to offer some insights as to the nominations and the possible winners on March 5.

I recommend you go to my Awards Page where you can track your favorite film, and see the major awards it has won so far this season. Also, there are many direct links to provide more information. The complete list of nominees is available on the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences'® Official Oscar Site

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