Tuesday, January 03, 2006

An Interesting Charlie Chaplin Tidbit

Read today that Aurélia Thierrée is acting in a production at the Teatro Principal (Principal Theatre) in Valencia, Spain, 4-8 January, entitled, "El Oratorio de Aurélia" (“Aurélia’s Oratorio”). Aurélia's mother and father, Victoria Chaplin and Jean-Baptiste Thierrée, developed and previously performed the piece as "The Invisable Circus," which evolved with a particular mix of clever transformations, magic acts, and circus-style balancing over the past two decades. Their aim was to delight and amuse their audiences, always careful not to let their light touch become heavy-handed overkill. It was an astute commentary on the traditional circus laden with tigers and trapezes. Now, Victoria has revised it for, and with, her daughter Aurélia, utilizing optical illusions with magical light effects mixed with nostalgic music hall nuances.

Victoria's parents were Charlie and Oona O'Neill Chaplin, so Aurélia's aunt is, of course, actress Geraldine Chaplin. One article I read states that Aurélia has a good relationship with her aunt.

One reviewer wrote, "Sit back, hold tight and return to the lost land of fantasy, where curiosity and marvels abound, and there is simply no limit to your imagination! You will be amazed and enchanted at the same time."

Sounds like a yummy theatrical experience that Charlie would have loved!

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