Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Can CRASH Top MOUNTAIN for Oscar®?

FIRST: Final ballots for the Academy Awards® must be at the Los Angeles offices of PriceWaterhouseCoopers by 5:00 p.m. (PST) today!

CRASH, the low-budget, high intensity film about racial tensions in Los Angeles during a 36-hour time frame may be the "the little film that could," a dark horse that will sprint first to the finish line at the Oscars® for Best Picture, and possibly for Screenplay and Director. It has been nominated for 38 awards around the world, including 6 Oscars, and has won 19, many the most prestigious in the industry. Go to the IMDB and see for yourself - - picture, screen writing, acting, directing, editing, etc. See my Awards Page, and other links on this blog.

It is not an easy film to watch because the cinematic style is more complicated than the usual Hollywood film. With a nod to James Monaco, "reading" CRASH may not be easy for the casual viewer of Hollywood cookie-cutter films. Plus, anger and stress levels among the characters goes off the top of the chart, and the violence is graphic, but if one stays with CRASH, one will view one of the most powerful movies of the decade. It is available now on DVD, so put it in your NETFLIX queue and move it to the top!

Having lived in the Los Angeles area for many years, I was mesmerized, and that doesn't happen often enough for me with Hollywood films. Of course, this is an "Indy" through Lions Gate. Director/co-writer Paul Haggis wrote the script for last year's winner, MILLION DOLLAR BABY. It is a USA/German production, and having studied and taught German film, I see the Young German Film movements' influence in this film. Five languages are spoken: English, Spanish, Persian, Mandarin, Korean.

The biggest Academy "vote factor" for this film is the locale of Los Angeles, and the inter-racial theme. The majority of the voters live in Los Angeles, or New York. They will relate to this movie more than the average Joe.

I doubt that it will play well in Peoria, but I know members of AMPAS® will get it because they live it every single day. The hype is with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN but my money, if had any, would be on CRASH for Best Picture of 2006. Then, again, BROKEBACK has the popular sentiment. Oh, me, I can't make up my mind.

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