Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Have Made My Choice for Best Picture of 2005!

The movie awards season that began in December culminates with Sunday night's broadcast of the 78th Annual Academy Awards®. Chicago Tribunes' syndicated columnist Clarence Page says that any one of the five nominated films is worthy of the Best Picture Oscar®, but he has chosen his favorite.

I'm in Clarence Page's corner both as to the nominated films being "for grown ups," and as to my pick for Best Picture this year. I know, I've been on the fence, but now I have decided. His comment today on NPR's "News & Notes with Ed Gordon" is the most succinct all-encompassing that I have heard concerning the five nominees.

When I heard him this morning, I jumped off the fence. I believe CRASH will pull and upset. Really. You must hear it!

Have you made your choice for Best Picture? Come on, post a comment. Do listen and discover our choice:

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Main link to Page's commentary on National Public Radio (NPR): "I've Already Picked My Best Picture Oscar."

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