Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Screenwriters - - No Oscars® or Globes

If the Screenwriters don't make nice with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association® and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences® soon, the Golden Globe Awards (Sunday, 13 January 2008) and the Academy Awards® (Sunday, 24 February 2008) may not happen this year.

The Golden Globes®, scheduled only 13 days after the New Year, are in the most danger. The nominations were announced 13 December. (See the previous post.) The Oscars® have a little more leeway. Nominations are scheduled to be announced Tuesday, 22 January.

According to an announcement from the AP earlier today, the Writers Guild of America, West, will not allow its members to write for the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. Both organizations had asked for an interim agreement for writing services. Also, the Guild denied the use of clips from movies and past awards programs.

The Screen Actors Guild, which faces its own contract negotiations next year, is supporting the writers. Therefore, actors' participation as Oscar guests and presenters might be affected, diminishing the star power that drives these events, especially for television viewers and revenue.

Jon Stewart, scheduled to host the Oscar show and a writers guild member, has honored the strike. His The Daily Show on Comedy Central has been in reruns since the walkout began. There has been no statement about him having asked for and interim agreement concerning his appearance.

The awards for the "Best of 2007" could be delayed indefinitely and, if so, will portend a bad 2008 for the television and movie industries.

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