Monday, January 28, 2008

In Praise of the SAG Awards

Spanish actor Javier Bardém accepts SAG award for best supporting actor for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. The award supposedly weighs 20 pounds.

Today's article in the television section of The New York Times, "Less Preening, More Fun and a Touch of Dignity at Awards Show," by Alessandra Stanley, contains nothing but praise for the Screen Actors Guild Awards' show last night, broadcast on TBS.

Recipients, one exception being Alec Baldwin, actually attended and accepted their awards. Since SAG is the guild of actors, and that guild is supporting the Writers Guild strike, the WGA granted a waiver and did not picket.

The evening also marked the 75th anniversary of SAG's founding, only five years after the founding of AMPAS®. SAG has the largest voting block in AMPAS, and SAG members will not attend the Oscars®, unless the WGA strike is settled before Oscar® night, 24 February. The writer of this blog also supports the strike, although not yet a member of the WGA.

According to the article, the SAG evening was "fast," without, "a preening master of ceremonies or any long production numbers," and "for the most part brisk and entertaining." There was, of course, less writing, and what writing done was probably done by those SAG members who are not also members of the WGA.

Note to Mr. Gil Cates, Producer, 80th Academy Awards®: Please read this article. The Oscar broadcast needs pruning and fine tuning, with less preening and long-winded buffoonery. Now!

But I digress. The winners were . . . . You will find them, plus more about the glitz and glam on my Awards Page, along with links and other info. This link will take you immediately to the exact spot on my page, and there is also a permanent link on the right sidebar of this blog.

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